Shared Dips

Dinner - Shared Dips

  • Lebanese Garlic Bread

    Baked and char-grilled Lebanese bread brushed with our house-made toum (garlic paste)

  • Dukkah

    A delightfully aromatic combination of crushed nuts, seeds, spices and dried herbs, dipping sauce of extra virgin olive oil and pomegranate molasses
    – served with fresh Lebanese bread

  • Hommous

    Chickpea and tahini blended with fresh lemon, garlic and extra virgin olive oil
    – served with fresh Lebanese bread

    Small 6.0Large 10.0
  • Baba Ghannouj

    Char grilled eggplant and tahini blended with lemon, garlic and extra virgin olive oil
    – served with fresh Lebanese bread

    Small 6.0Large 10.0
  • Labneh

    In-house cultured savoury yoghurt dressed with a touch of extra virgin olive oil
    – served with fresh Lebanese bread

    Small 6.0Large 10.0
  • Dip Tasting Plate

    A trio of labneh, hommous and baba ghannouj
    – served with fresh Lebanese bread


Shared Starters

Dinner - Shared Starters

  • Trio of Marinated Olives

    Greek, Sicilian and Italian olives marinated in extra virgin olive oil infused with citrus zests, chilli and fresh herbs

  • Cauliflower

    Broken fresh off the floret, quick fried and dusted with za’atar
    – served with tahini dipping sauce

  • Vine Leaves (4 per serve)

    Fresh vine leaf rolls filled with rice, tomato, shallots, parsley and mint, slow cooked in an aromatic stock
    – served with labneh

  • Vegetarian Ladies Fingers (4 per serve)

    Fine pastry rolls with a zesty mix of spinach and fetta cheese

  • Falafel (4 per serve)

    Fried chickpea patties blended with parsley, onion and mixed spices
    – served with tahini dipping sauce

  • Kebbeh (4 per serve)

    Crushed wheat and minced beef shells, filled with sautéed minced beef, onions, pine nuts, almonds and aromatic spices
    – served with pomegranate molasses dipping sauce


Shared Mains

Dinner - Shared Mains

  • Garlic & Lemon Chicken

    Char grilled chicken fillets marinated in a heap of olive oil, garlic, lemon and seasoning
    – served with batata harra and toum

  • Shish Tawouk

    Sautéed chunks of chicken in a spiced tomato marinade, served upon a bed of Lebanese rice with browned vermicelli, almonds and pine nuts

  • Beef Skewers (4 per serve)

    Char grilled beef chunks rested in a spiced tomato marinade, garnished with fresh onion, parsley and sumac
    – served with toum and Lebanese bread

  • Kafta Skewers (4 per serve)

    Char grilled lamb mince with fresh parsley, onion and aromatic spices
    – served with a spiced tomato jam and Lebanese bread

  • The Hunters Platter (Perfect for Two)

    Two beef skewers, two kafta skewers and a wholesome mound of garlic & lemon chicken with batata harra
    – served with spiced tomato jam, toum and lemon & Lebanese bread

  • Sumac Squid

    Seasoned chunks of fried squid
    – served with an aromatic spiced aioli

  • Spiced Prawns

    Pan fried prawns with fresh herbs, dried spices, olives and garlic in a rich tomato sauce
    – served with Lebanese rice



Dinner - Vegetarian

  • Fatteh

    A rich and aromatic hot pot of blended and whole chickpeas, topped with labneh, za’atar, and pine nuts
    – served in a bowl of Lebanese bread


Plates for One

Dinner - Plates for One

  • Pan-Fried Chicken Breast

    Served with dukkha crust potato gallette & loubyeh beans

  • Steak Za’atar

    250g Eye fillet rolled in za’atar, served with potato galette and king brown mushrooms

  • Duck Confit

    Slow cooked duck with seasonal accompaniments

  • Tunisian Seafood Stew

    Fresh market fish with scallops, prawns & squid served with Lebanese rice


Salads & Sides

Dinner - Salads & Sides

  • Cabbage Salad

    A fresh and zesty combination of shredded red and green cabbage, diced tomato, fresh mint and onion, tossed with lemon, garlic and olive oil

    Small 9.0Large 16.0
  • Tabouleh

    A refreshing combination of Continental parsley, mint, shallots, tomato and crushed wheat, dressed with lemon, olive oil and mixed spices

    Small 9.0Large 16.0
  • Fatoush

    Rustic Lebanese salad tossed with crispy Lebanese bread, lettuce, parsley, cucumber, capsicum, tomato, mint, shallots and radish, dressed with lemon, pomegranate molasses, olive oil and sumac

    Small 10.0Large 18.0
  • Spiced Beetroot Salad

    Roast beetroot infused with bay leaves, tossed in aromatic spices, with fresh mint, Persian fetta and a sweet lemon dressing

    Small 10.0Large 19.0
  • Batata Harra

    Chunky potatoes in olive oil, lemon and chilli, seasoned with aromatic spices

  • Loubyeh Beans

    Whole green beans in a tomato and onion braise, served with Lebanese rice made with vermicelli, almonds, onion and pine nuts.